The Ed Martin Movement – 1/15/19 – Hour 1

In What You Need to Know, Steve King gives voice to unborn babies; Congressman Steve King of Iowa on being attacked by the NY Times and his own party; Jim Hoft of on Steve King’s fight; The Brexit vote; Angel … [Read More...]

The Ed Martin Movement – 01/14/19 – Hour 1

In What You Need to Know, Build the Wall is still the priority Viktor Orbán’s Far-Right Vision for Europe; Dr. Brett Decker on how he dealt with past government shutdowns when he worked for the government; Steve King and the Pro Life … [Read More...]

Ed Martin Movement – 01/11/19 – Hour 1

In What You Need to Know, Ginsburg is not about ‘We The People’; Bob Marshall on the ERA fight in Virginia; Sidney Powell’s article MANAFORT’S TORTURE SHOWS THE CHARACTER OF MUELLER’S GOON SQUAD; In On Target, Robert Bertrand … [Read More...]